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Awakino Skifield News 2013

15 October 2013

The season has dwindled to a close. Thanks to those who braved the road this year and made the most of what was a season to forget. If groups wish to access the upper or back bowls for ski touring, then please contact us. Likewise for booking the lodge in the summer.

15 September 2013

Delayed opening due to ski patrol still warming his boots. 10-15cm powder drifts from the overnight storm.

14 September 2013

Clear with a light breeze and 2 degrees. Primo spring and fresh snow on a good firm base. Main face open and plenty of hiking options. Updated at 11.25am.

12 September 2013

Reopening on Sat 14 Sept for accommodation and touring. Main tow subject to snow cover and numbers. Please book in if you intend to visit.

6 September 2013

Another few cms of snow this week, but with few bookings and little change to the main tow line snow cover, we remain on hold. Hope to reopen in some form or another next weekend (14-15 Sept).

29 August 2013

A dusting of new snow overnight, however not enough to cover the rocks. Hoppefully some more snow next week will prolong the short season.

22 August 2013

Reopening this Saturday through to Wednesday 28th. Limited skiing on lower elevation slopes, but great conditions on top bowls which have remained unscathed from the melting, wind and warm winter conditions. Spaces available in the lodge from Friday to Monday night. Please book in through the Contact page.

19 August 2013

Still on track to open this weekend and guesstimated we received a few cms of wet snow over the last few days! Spa pool is ready for action too.

12 August 2013

The snow cover is just holding, so with the forecast snow this week, things should be back to normal in time for our 2 week opening at the end of August.

8 August 2013

Limited opening this weekend. Main face accessed by tow and upper slopes by foot/skins.

22 July 2013

The snowpack has consolodated and/or been wind/sun affected, limiting the terrain available. The main tow safety is being repaired, so our main tow is not operational. Due to these factors, plus our limited resources, we will aim to re-open in mid-August. We may be able to open the lodge for overnight use and for those who wish to go touring. Please contact us to arrange this.

21 July 2013

Awakino is OPEN. Top road clear and open to the field, 4WD high clearance and chains to be carried.

16 July 2013

120cm base on the main face, with 10-15cms on top. We will open on Satuday 20 July for the weekend. The lodge is fully booked. Access by 4WD, high clearance from the container to the lodge and with chains above the lodge.

8 July 2013

A few runs were had last weekend, although the wind and snow made for trying conditions. A further 10-15cms of wind affected snow fell on Sat night/Sunday, with more forecast. Further repair work done to the road below the lodge after snowmelt gouged out more canyons, however it is still high clearance 4WD from above the container.

4 July 2013

Limited opening this weekend. Full avalanche gear required and possibly a hike from the lodge to the skifield. The weather forecast is for wind, wind and some more wind, so it might be a good weekend for playing cards in the lodge.

2 July 2013

The road has been reopened to the lodge and was cleared of snow enough to get a 4WD with chains to the skifield base. Unfortunately the wind keeps filling it in, so we'll have to clear it again before the weekend, or just walk up and ski down at the end of the day. Avalanche control work scheduled for Thursday, then we'll update our status depending on the outcome of this. And yes, we have had avalanche activity since the big storm, but nothing that has impacted on the skifield.

24 June 2013

A big effort last weekend saw part of our road rebuilt. We are some way off being able to drive to the lodge and access beyond the lodge is by foot only due to ice and snowdrifts across the road. Snow depth varies, but estimate between 1-2m on the skifield. Absolutely no access to the skifield given high avalanche danger at present.

17 June 2013

Winter has arrived and it is puking snow! On top of a base that has been forming since prior to QB weekend, snow has been falling all last weekend and we are set to get more all week. Things look very promising for an early opening towards the end of June/early July. Forecasters are saying the snow forecast for this week could be the worst in decades for Canterbury - how much will the Kino receive?

Pray for snow with dancing Jesus!

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4 June 2013

Winter has arrived! Prior to QB weekend, snow had started to fill in the gaps between rocks and had completely covered the top bowls. A further 20-30cm fell on Monday morning and more today, so looking promising for an eary opening towards the end of June/early July.

29 May 2013

Winter is nearly here. A few remaining jobs and then a significant snowfall and we will be operational. Opening date at this stage looking like mid July, but could be earlier.

26 May 2013

Winter is nearly here. A last working party will tackle the few remaining winter jobs this QB weekend, and then we just have to wait for Mother Nature to play her part. We are waiting in anticipation for the giant dumps of snow that Moon Man Ken Ring suggests we'll get this winter. We'll open as soon as we've got a base to ski on.

27 March 2013

Loads of volunteer work has been carried out since the end of last season, so look forward to more improvements! More road upgrades, lodge and building makeovers, main tow tweaking and even a rumour of the ridge tow being ready to run this season!

15 January 2013

Still some pockets of snow under the top ridges, but nothing skiable. On 2/3 Jan it snowed down to below the lodge and settled on the ground til the warm summer sun melted it away during the day. Watch this space for sumemr work party updates!