Contacts and Bookings

Contact David or John for bookings and weekend opening dates.

David Campbell
Phone: 021 0243 9273

John Hamilton
Phone: 021 203 4914

Other Contacts

Chris Tschepp - Christchurch
Phone: (03) 313 7229 or 021 403 777

Peter Wilson - Dunedin
Phone: (03) 479 6552 (work) or 021 151 3486
Contact Peter if you wish to arrange transport from Dunedin.


We are on Facebook: Friends of Awakino.


As the price of fuel continues to rise, we encourage all people who are travelling to Awakino and have spare seats to register their transport to Awakino at Dunedin people are welcome to contact either Peter Wilson (above) or Nick Plimmer ( and see if their is transport available from Dunedin-based club members for weekends.
If there is interest, Dunedin may be running a van to the field on busy weekends.