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Awakino Skifield News 2009

13 October 2009

After a fantastic season, the field is now closed. There will be work parties over the summer to gear the field up for the 2010 season, contact John Hamilton if interested. Also, the lodge is available as usual for summer accommodation and trips. Contact us if you wish to use it.

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July 2009

After a good snow year in 2008, 2009 has shaped up to be an excellent year. Early snow fizzled out after a weekend of norwesters and subsequent rain, but provided a good filling base without fully closing the upper road.The dump on the first weekend of the school holidays added enough depth to bury the rope to shoulder height in places, which was duly dug out by the gang. Again a fortnight later the rope was buried again but only to hip depth, and again dug out and the pullies lifted, some to maximum height. The road after the last fall was impassible to below the car park, some vehicle mayhem was evident. The dozer was brought down by Jack and Chris by a somewhat shorter route than normal, directly down, no turns in places and the lower road opened and now hopefully dry after the last norwesters. Unfortunately the upper road was obliterated and may not open until the warmer weather of September. All is ready to go with at least half a metre of snow around the base buildings and not a rock to be seen. Ski tourers have already been taking advantage of the conditions. We now only have to put out the signs and ski the piste.Please respect the landowner while negotiating the access road. Good skiing to all who make the effort to ski the jewel of North Otago. ~John Hamilton